Otari is vibrant and contemporary, but serious and built to last. Its character shines in display type, but doesn’t interfere at text sizes. Otari aims to capture the essence of Wellington, New Zealand in a single typeface. The contrast of a colorful art scene and the conservative colonial British aesthetic, which is still evident in the capital city, laid the groundwork for this design.

Font Info

License Agreement
Released: 2010

OpenType Features

  • Ligatures
  • Discretionary Ligatures
  • Small Caps
  • All Small Caps
  • Superior and Inferior Numerals
  • Pre-set and Arbitrary Fractions
  • Oldstyle and Lining Numerals
  • Proportional and Tabular Numerals

Hinting and the Web

@font-face embedding is allowed, and webfonts are included. Please use caution in small sizes. The fonts have been autohinted with the help of ttfautohint. Be sure to test in all targeted browsers and operating systems.